Web Design with HTML CSS Level 2

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Course Description
You know how to create a basic website. However, for your website to be successful, it must stand out from the crowd and attract visitors. In this course, you will learn skills that will be instrumental in creating advanced web pages.
Course Objective: You will create advanced web pages and test their validity.
Target Student: This course is designed for persons who understand the fundamentals of XHTML, HTML, and CSS and have used the three technologies to create basic web pages. It is aimed at individuals interested in using these technologies to create advanced web pages and test their validity.
Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with using personal computers with a mouse and keyboard. Basic typing skills are mandatory. You should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on your computer. Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders. Familiarity with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox is an advantage. Apart from these, the user should be familiar with Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS: Level 1.
Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Creating Web Page Layouts
Topic 1A: Group Content
Topic 1B: Create Box Layouts
Lesson 2: Managing CSS
Topic 2A: Apply Advanced CSS Selectors
Topic 2B: Create an External CSS
Topic 2C: Apply a CSS to Multiple Pages
Topic 2D: Apply Browser-Specific CSS
Topic 2E: Provide Alternate CSS
Lesson 3: Testing a Website
Topic 3A: Test Markup
Topic 3B: Test CSS
Lesson 4: Creating Advanced Navigation
Topic 4A: Create CSS-Based Menus
Topic 4B: Incorporate Images in CSS-Based Menus
Topic 4C: Create Image Maps
Lesson 5: Incorporating Meta-Content and Multimedia
Topic 5A: Refresh and Redirect Pages
Topic 5B: Link Media

Topic 5C: Embed Media

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