Terraform 101 Infrastructure as Code

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Duration: 3 Days
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Course Description

As enterprises seek to deploy and maintain increasingly complex cloud infrastructure, there is a necessity to use “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) tools like Terraform. An open-source state management tool developed by HashiCorp, Terraform allows developers to use a common coding interface to work through their various clouds safely and efficiently. Attendees will leave being able to write and understand Terraform code (HCL), have a clear understanding of Terraform’s various components and supporting tools, as well as when to reach for Terraform over another IaC tool, such as Ansible.

Target Student

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Technical Managers and Leads
  • System and Cloud Administrators
  • Network Engineers and Developers

Course Objectives

  • Writing Terraform HCL code
  • Deploying into common clouds such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, Oracle, Kubernetes, and VMWare
  • Where Terraform fits in the Enterprise CI/CD model
  • Differences between Terraform and Ansible
  • Best practices
  • Prepare for HashiCorp’s Terraform Associate Certification
  • AI LLM prompt engineering for Terraform snippets and jumpstarting solutions

Course Content

AI LLM Toolkit

  • Lecture + Lab: Large Language Model toolkit for AI Solution Assistance

Introduction to Terraform

  • Lecture: Terraform Course Map
  • Lecture: Introduction to Terraform

Software Control Management

  • Lecture + Lab: SCM Option #1 - GitHub
  • Lecture + Lab: SCM Option #2 - GitLab

Overview of Terraform

  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform Install

Terraform Modules

  • Lecture: Terraform HCL Syntax
  • Lecture + Lab: Up and Running with Terraform
  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform Variables
  • Lecture + Lab: Output Values
  • Lecture: Avoid the :latest Tag
  • Challenge: Terraform and Docker

Beyond Basics

  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform CLI Workspaces
  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform Expressions and Errors
  • Lecture + Lab: Resources - replace vs taint
  • Lecture + Lab: Dynamic Operations with Functions
  • Lecture + Lab: Creating a Terraform Module
  • Lecture + Lab: Moving State - terraform state mv
  • Lecture + Lab: Dynamic Provisioning with tfvars Files
  • Lecture + Lab: Data Sources and HTTP Provider


  • Lecture: for_each
  • Lecture + Lab: Looping Constructs - for_each


  • Lecture + Lab: local-exec Provisioner
  • Lecture + Lab: Creating Delays
  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform - templatefile Function

Terraform Cloud

  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise
  • Lecture + Lab: Triggering Cloud Builds via Git Commits

Dynamic Blocks

  • Lecture + Lab: Dynamic Blocks


  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform and AWS
  • Lecture + Lab: Output Values and AWS
  • Lecture + Lab: AWS and looping with count vs for_each
  • Lecture + Lab: Correcting Resource Drift and AWS
  • Challenge: Terraform and AWS


  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform and Azure

Google Cloud Platform

  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform and Google Cloud Platform


  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Terraform and Enterprise

  • Lecture + Lab: Deploy a Go RESTful API microservice with Terraform
  • Lecture: Terraform vs. Ansible
  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform and Ansible


  • Lecture: Terraform and VMWare
  • Lecture + Lab: Terraform and VMWare

Helpful DevOps Tools (OPTIONAL)

  • Lecture + Lab: Open Policy Agents and Terraform
  • Lecture + Lab: GitHub Actions - GitLeaks
  • Lecture + Lab: GitHub Actions - Terraform
  • Lecture: Terragrunt

Terraform Review

  • Lecture: HashiCorp Terraform Study Guide

Optional Prerequisites

Although not required, students with some experience programming or pre-existing knowledge of cloud architecture will most appreciate the technical nature of this hands-on course.

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