Build Mobile: Develop websites and apps for smart devices

Duration: Days 2
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Price per delegate: $575.00
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Course Description

This course is designed to turn web designers and developers into mobile designers and developers. You will be shown you how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make slick web apps that feel right at home on a mobile device. You will be taken through the whole process, from design, through to implementation and frontend development.
We'll also talk about PhoneGap - which is a project that will allow you to turn your HTML masterpiece into real app that you can sell on real app stores.

Target Student:

If you have been wanting to make the leap to making mobile web sites, or if you have been wanting to make mobile apps, without having to learn a bunch of hard compiled languages, then this is the course for you


In this course, we assume you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It would also be a good idea to be familiar with JQuery.
Bonus points if you feel comfortable on the command line.
To make iPhone apps you will need a Mac. If you are just making apps for Android, Any operating system that can run Java will be fine.

Delivery Method:

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Design for Mobile
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: Stop. Design Time
Step 3: Notes and Errata

Lesson 2: Markup for Mobile
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: HTML and CSS
Step 3: CSS Sprites
Step 4: Resources
Step 5: Viewports
Step 6: Progressive Enhancement
Step 7: Standalone Mode
Step 8: Notes and Errata
Step 9: StarTrackr - Lesson 2

Lesson 3: Mobile Web Apps
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: Installing a Webserver
Step 3: Events
Step 4: Quick Wins and Forms
Step 5: Loading Pages
Step 6: History
Step 7: AJAX
Step 8: Notes and Errata
Step 9: StarTrackr Lesson 3

Lesson 4: Using Device Features
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: Geolocation
Step 3: Device Rotation
Step 4: Gestures
Step 5: StarTrackr - Lesson 4

Lesson 5: Polishing our App
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: Fixed Tab bars
Step 3: Spinners
Step 4: Local Storage
Step 5: StarTrackr - Lesson 5
Step 6: Notes and Errata

Lesson 6: PhoneGap
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: Setting up for Android
Step 3: Setting up for iOS
Step 4: Setting up PhoneGap
Step 5: PhoneGap tweaks
Step 6: StarTrackr - Lesson 6 - Xcode
Step 7: StarTrackr - Lesson 6 - Android
Step 8: Notes and Errata
Step 9: Thanks

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