Essentials of Red Hat Linux® 5

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Course Description
You are familiar with the usage of GUI-based operating systems. To prepare yourself for the job of a Linux system administrator, you need to equip yourself with the basic Linux usage and management skills. In the Essentials of Red Hat Linux 5 course, you will explore the shell environment, use and manage the Linux file system, and familiarize yourself with the basic aspects of Linux system administration.

Target Student:
This course is designed for students with little or no experience in Linux. It also targets IT professionals or users who want to build user-level Linux skills and/or build base line skills in Linux Administration.

Prerequisites: Students enrolling in this class should have basic user-level computer skills with any computer or operating system.

Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
familiarize yourself with the history of Linux.
identify the various Linux interface elements.
get started with using Linux.
work with files and directories.
work with permissions and ownership of files and directories in Linux.
edit text files using Vim.
search for and locate files.
work with the bash shell.
configure the bash shell.
write simple shell scripts
work with text processing utilities.
configure basic system tools.
manage jobs and processes.
work with network clients.
manage users, groups, and advanced permissions.
perform file management.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Introducing the History of Linux
    Topic 1A: Review the Development of Open Source
    Topic 1B: Familiarize Yourself with Red Hat Linux
Lesson 2: Familiarizing Yourself with the Linux Interface
    Topic 2A: Log into Your System
    Topic 2B: Use Basic Commands
    Topic 2C: Work with the X Server
    Topic 2D: Switch Users
Lesson 3: Getting Started with Using Linux
    Topic 3A: View Text Files Using Text Editors
    Topic 3B: Get Help Using Linux
Lesson 4: Working with Files and Directories
    Topic 4A: Navigate the Linux File System
    Topic 4B: Organize the File system
    Topic 4C: View Text Files
Lesson 5: Working with Linux Permissions
    Topic 5A: View User and Group Information
    Topic 5B: Modify File and Directory Permissions
    Topic 5C: Modify File and Directory Ownership
Lesson 6: Editing Text Files Using Vim
    Topic 6A: Create Text Files Using Vim
    Topic 6B: Modify Text Files in the Command Mode
Lesson 7: Locating Files
    Topic 7A: Search for Files
    Topic 7B: Use the find Command
Lesson 8: Working with the Bash Shell
    Topic 8A: Discuss the Bash Shell
    Topic 8B: Perform Basic Bash Shell Operations
    Topic 8C: Introduction to Shell Scripting
Lesson 9: Configuring the Bash Shell
    Topic 9A: Use Shell Variables
    Topic 9B: Use Configuration Variables
Lesson 10: Using Basic Scripting Concepts
    Topic 10A: Redirect Input and Output
    Topic 10B: Use Control Statements
Lesson 11: Working with Text Processing Utilities
    Topic 11A: Filter Files
    Topic 11B: Work with File Content
Lesson 12: Configuring Basic System Tools
    Topic 12A: Configure a System Printer
    Topic 12B: Configure Date and Time
Lesson 13: Managing Jobs and Processes
    Topic 13A: Discuss Multitasking
    Topic 13B: List Processes
    Topic 13C: Prioritize Jobs and Processes
    Topic 13D: Terminate Processes
Lesson 14: Working with Network Clients
    Topic 14A: Examine Basic Network Settings
    Topic 14B: Work with Web Clients
    Topic 14C: Work with Email and Messaging Clients
Lesson 15: Managing Users, Groups, and Permissions
    Topic 15A: Manage User Accounts
    Topic 15B: Configure User Profiles
    Topic 15C: Manage Groups
    Topic 15D: Set Advanced Permissions
Lesson 16: Performing File Management
    Topic 16A: Familiarize Yourself with Disk Partitions
    Topic 16B: Work with Inodes and Links
    Topic 16C: Archive Files
    Topic 16D: Work with Removable Media
Appendix A: Introducing Basic System Administration Tools
Appendix B: Essentials of Red Hat Linux 5 Objective Mapping for Exam Red Hat Linux Essentials (RH033)
Appendix C: Essentials of Red Hat Linux 5 Objective Mapping for Exam RH202

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