Linux® Server Management Red Hat® 7.2

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Course Description
This course provides hands-on instruction in the advanced system administration features for version 7.2 of Red Hat Linux. The target student is one who is on the path to becoming a Red Hat System Administrator proficient in version 7.2. They will learn the important features used in the administration of client, server, and network installations of Red Hat 7.2.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K courses or have equivalent knowledge:
Linux Workstation Management (Red Hat 7.2)
Network+ Certification

Performance-Based Objectives
Install Red Hat Linux using the Custom option.
Examine system scripts and configure cron.
Compile, modify, and upgrade the kernel.
Install and configure NFS.
Integrate Linux systems with other operating system platforms.
Implement basic networking concepts.
Implement and administer security issues.
Install and configure mail services.
Install and configure Apache Web servers and virtual hosts.
Install and configure DNS.
Install and configure DHCP.
Implement FTP, squid, innd NNTP, and time services.
Troubleshoot and debug Linux installations and configurations.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Installing Linux with the Custom Class
    Topic 1A: Why Use the Custom Class?
    Topic 1B: Installing Linux Using the Custom Class
    Topic 1C: Partitioning the System
    Topic 1D: Choosing Which Packages to Install
    Topic 1E: Performing a Kickstart Installation
Lesson 2: Examining System Scripts
    Topic 2A: Examining System Startup Files
    Topic 2B: Examining the cron System
Lesson 3: Working with the Kernel
    Topic 3A: Examining the Kernel
    Topic 3B: Modifying the Kernel Configuration
    Topic 3C: Compiling the Kernel
    Topic 3D: Installing the New Kernel
Lesson 4: Installing and Configuring NFS
    Topic 4A: Introduction to the Network File System (NFS)
    Topic 4B: Accessing Files from an NFS Server
    Topic 4C: Configuring an NFS Server for Client Access
Lesson 5: Cross-platform Integration
    Topic 5A: Installing and Configuring Samba
    Topic 5B: Transferring Files Between Systems
    Topic 5C: Accessing Other Operating Systems
    Topic 5D: Using X for Remote Login and Remote Clients
Lesson 6: Examining Basic Networking Concepts
    Topic 6A: What is TCP/IP?
    Topic 6B: What are Ports?
    Topic 6C: Reviewing IP
    Topic 6D: Configuring and Examining Network Interfaces and Services
    Topic 6E: Configuring Network Services and Daemons
Lesson 7: Implementation and Administration of System Security
    Topic 7A: Examining the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) Subsystem
    Topic 7B: Examining NIS
    Topic 7C: Introduction to Firewalls
    Topic 7D: Using ipchains to Implement Basic Firewall Policies
    Topic 7E: Examining the User Private-group Scheme
Lesson 8: Implementing Mail Services
    Topic 8A: Configuring Sendmail
    Topic 8B: Implementing POP/IMAP Email Services
Lesson 9: Implementing Apache Web Server
    Topic 9A: Installing Apache Web Server
    Topic 9B: Configuring Apache
    Topic 9C: Configuring Virtual Hosts
Lesson 10: Implementing DNS
    Topic 10A: Configuring Name Resolution
    Topic 10B: Examining DNS Tools
Lesson 11: Implementing DHCP
    Topic 11A: Discussing DHCP
    Topic 11B: Configuring dhcpd
    Topic 11C: Configuring Linux DHCP Clients
Lesson 12: Additional Network Services
    Topic 12A: Installing and Configuring an FTP Server
    Topic 12B: Transferring Files using FTP
    Topic 12C: Exploring Squid
    Topic 12D: Exploring innd NNTP
    Topic 12E: Exploring Time Services
Lesson 13: Troubleshooting Linux
    Topic 13A: Understanding a Practical Troubleshooting Model
    Topic 13B: Troubleshooting Equipment Problems
    Topic 13C: Troubleshooting Server and Workstation Problems
    Topic 13D: Rescue Disk Booting
Appendix A: Installing the Red Hat 7.2 Server
    The Server InstallationTopic
    Checking the Installation Topic

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