Introduction to JavaScript and JQuery®

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Course Description

Introduction to Javascript:

    Variables and Operators
    Variables and Data Types
    Using Variables and Literals
    Controlling the Flow using Control Statements
    Functions and Objects
    Understanding The Window Object
    Understanding The Document Object
    Working With Form Elements and Their Properties
    The String and RegExp Objects
    Form Validation
    Dates and Math
    Cross-browser Compatibility

Introduction to jQuery:

What Is jQuery?
    Overview of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    About jQuery
    Cross-browser Compatibility
    CSS3 Selectors
    jQuery UI
    Downloading and Including jQuery

Selecting, Styling and Enhancing:

    Making Sure the Page Is Ready
    CSS with jQuery
    Reading & Setting CSS Properties
    Modifying Content
    Callback Functions

Animating, Scrolling and Resizing:

    Animating CSS Properties
    The Animation Queue
    Chaining Actions
    Pausing the Chain
    The scroll Event
    Floating Navigation
    Scrolling the Document

Images and Slideshows:

    ColorBox: A Lightbox Plugin
    Scrolling Slideshows

Menus, Tabs, Tooltips and Panels:

    Expandable/Collapsible Menus
    Open/Closed Indicators
    Menu Expand on Hover
    Drop-down Menus
    Accordion Menus
    A Simple Accordion
    Multiple-level Accordions
    jQuery UI Accordion
    jQuery UI Tabs


    Ajax Crash Course
    What Is Ajax?
    Loading Remote HTML
    Fetching Data with $.getJSON
    Common Ajax Settings
    GET and POST Requests
    jQuery Ajax Events

Forms, Controls, and Dialogs:

    Simple Form Validation
    Form Validation with the Validation Plugin
    Inline Editing
    jQuery UI Date Picker
    Progress Bar
    jQuery UI Dialogs

Lists, Trees, and Tables:

    jQuery UI Selectables
    Sorting Lists
    Expandable Tree
    Event Delegation
    Fixed Table Headers
    Repeating Header
    Data Grids
    Selecting Rows with Checkboxes

Storing Data on the Client:

    LocalStorage vs SessionStorage
    Storing Data locally Using LocalStorage

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