AutoCAD® Essentials Training

Duration: Days 3
Delivery methods:  
Price per delegate: $495.00
Trained over 60000 delegates
Delivered by world class instructors
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Course Description

Provides a thorough grounding in AutoCAD for beginners, teaching the most widely used commands and techniques for producing high quality, accurate 2D drawings. The AutoCAD drawing techniques taught are generic, relevant to all industries.


Target Student

This course is ideal for:

AutoCAD training for newcomers to AutoCAD and CAD drawingNewcomers to AutoCAD and CAD drawing.

AutoCAD training for users with a small amount of AutoCAD experienceUsers with a small amount of AutoCAD experience.

AutoCAD training for users migrating to AutoCADUsers who have previously used a different CAD tool and are looking to migrate to AutoCAD.



Delegates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows®. No prior CAD knowledge is necessary.

Course Content

The AutoCAD Interface:

  • Features of the ribbon
  • The Application menu
  • The Quick Access toolbar
  • The command line

Creating Basic Drawings:

  • Creating basic objects
  • Working with polylines
  • Using object snaps
  • Using object snap tracking

Accurate Object Creation:

  • Working wiht units
  • Cartesian coordinates
  • Polar coordinates
  • Using Inquiry commands

Object Viewing:

  • Zooming techniques
  • Panning techniques

Manipulating objects:

  • Selecting objects in the drawing
  • Moving objects
  • Copying objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Arraying objects
  • Scaling objects

Altering objects:

  • Trimming and extending ojbect to define boundaries
  • Creating parallel and offset geometry
  • Joining objects
  • Chamfering corners between two objects
  • Stretching objects

Drawing Organisation:

  • Using layers
  • Changing objecct properties
  • Matching object properties
  • Using the properties palette
  • Using linetypes

Working with Layouts:

  • Using page setups
  • Using layouts
  • Using viewports
  • Scaling drawing views

Annotating the Drawing:

  • Creating mulitiline text
  • Creating single line text
  • using text styles
  • Editing text


  • Creating dimensions
  • Using dimension styles
  • Editing dimensions
  • Using multileaders

Hatching objects:

  • Hatching objects
  • Editing hatch objects

Working with reusable content:

  • Creating and inserting blocks
  • Using tool palettes

Plotting your Drawings:

  • Plotting drawings
  • PDF output
  • Using Plotstyles

Creating Drawing Templates

  • Using drawing templates

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