Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner

Duration: 5 Days
Delivery methods:   Classroom, Virtual Learning, Onsite Event
What is included: Pre-coursework and exam
Price per delegate: $2,375.00
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Course Description

The Better Business Cases™ (BBC) approach is structured around the UK Five Case Model, which provides a disciplined, step-by-step approach to the development of a robust investment proposal.

The Better Business Cases Foundation & Practitioner course combines our Foundation course with the more advanced Practitioner course material. Each participant is provided with a solid Foundation in BBC concepts, before progressing to the advanced topic of implementing BBC guidelines in real-world scenarios.

Our courses are based on the 2016 edition of Better Business Cases and the associated International Guide to the Project Business Case. Better Business Cases now also provides guidance on developing program Business Cases, which we have enhanced using our deep knowledge of program management and the MSP program management method.

Target Student

This course is targeted at anyone involved with, or responsible for, a project to recognise the work that is needed to prove a case for investment. Typical positions held by course delegates include:

  • Senior Responsible Owners (SROs)
  • Programme Directors and Project Managers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Members of the Management Board, with strategic responsibility for approving proposals throughout their life span.


There are no pre-requisites for the Better Business Cases Foundation & Practitioner course, however, the experience of business cases would prove valuable. Candidates for the Practitioner Exam must have previously passed the Foundation exam.

Performance-Based Objectives

The Foundation Course will enable delegates to obtain a deeper knowledge of:

  • The philosophy and underlying rationale of the Five Case Model, as well as the structure and key terminology of the model
  • The different types of business case, their purpose, who is responsible for them, and when they are required in the development of a spending proposal
  • The development of the business case in relation to other recognized and recommended best practice for program and project management
  • Approaches to implementation and the factors to consider in sustaining progress

The Practitioner course material will ensure that the candidate achieves a sufficient understanding of the theory and application of the Five Case Model to allow them to effectively develop and produce a business case.

Candidates should be able to apply and understand how to tailor the Five Case Model effectively to the development of a business case within an organization environment supporting the approach. Specifically, candidates should:

  • Understand the development lifecycle of a business case and the relationships between the five cases
  • Be able to apply the steps in the business case development framework, in order to support the production of a business case, using the Five Case Model, for a given scenario
  • Delegates will be fully prepared for the Foundation and Practitioner exams.

Course Content

The Foundation Course covers:

  • The terms and concepts relating to the Five Case Model
  • How the Strategic Case is developed; the steps and the responsibilities involved
  • How the Economic Case is developed; the steps and the responsibilities involved
  • The terms and concepts of the Commercial Case
  • The terms and concepts of the Financial Case
  • The terms and concepts of the Management Case
  • Purpose of the key stages in the development and delivery of a spending proposal
  • Purpose of a Strategic Outline Programme Case and in what circumstances it should be considered
  • Purpose of a Business Justification Case and in what circumstances it should be considered
  • Purpose of a Strategic Outline Case
  • Purpose of an Outline Business Case
  • Purpose of a Full Business Case
  • Responsibilities for the business planning process
  • Relationship with best practice programme and project management methodologies
  • Relationship between policies, strategies, programmes and projects and their deliverables.

The Practitioner course material helps you to integrate the concepts presented in the Foundation course. Delegates will work through a range of exercises and case studies in order to broaden and deepen their understanding of Better Business Cases guidance, and to prepare for the Practitioner exam.


The Better Business Cases Foundation Exam is a 40 minute closed book multiple-choice exam. Test candidates must successfully answer 25 of the 50 questions correctly to pass.

The Practitioner Exam is a 2½ hour objective testing exam. You will be able to access the 'Delivering Public Value From Spending Proposals' guide during the exam, but will have access to no other material. There will be 4 questions and 80 question items, each worth 1 mark for a total of 80 marks. You must get at least 40 of the 80 question items correct to pass. The questions will be presented in the following styles:

  • Classical multiple choice
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple response
  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Assertion/Reason
  • Candidates for the Practitioner Exam must have passed the Foundation Exam.

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