Managing Through Colors

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Course Description

In work or in your personal life, do you find you connect with some people straight away and others you struggle to engage in conversation with? Have you ever wondered why this is?

To manage others, it is important to have an awareness of our own behavioral/personality preferences, and how they affect the way we interact with others.

Behavioural and personality tests are used by companies all over the world in order to create a productive working environment for their employees. There are numerous theories and many are based on the work of the famous psychologist Carl Jung, further developed by Myers Briggs and others. Ultimately the thinking behind these theories goes back to 500BC and the Greek philosophers.

This one-day workshop is based on these theories and around 4 Colour Preferences. It has been modified so that it is easy to understand and apply at work.

Identifying and understanding the color of your predominant preference will help you manage relationships in your workplace and at home. As you become more experienced in using these principles you can adapt them to understand other people’s personalities better, which will help you to deal with them, whether they are your team member, manager, customer, spouse/partner, or child.

These preferences are not designed to change a person. It is a tool for building productive relationships and working better with the differences.

Target Student

This course is intended for individuals who manage individuals or teams.



Delivery Methods

Instructor-led, group-paced.

Performance-Based Objectives

By the end of today, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the theory of personal preferences as a tool for self-awareness and interacting with others.
  • Recall the characteristics of each colour preference.
  • Recognise how each colour would react in different situations.
  • Describe the key likes and dislikes of each color and what motivates them.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate with each colour.

Course Content

  • What are personal preferences? – An introduction to personal preferences and a discussion around their characteristics and what makes you and others behave and react to situations in a certain way.
  • Behavioural/Personality Colour Preference Questionnaire – Raise your self-awareness.
  • Colour Preferences Model – group activities to increase your understanding of each color type.
  • You and your Colour – What do people value about you as a manager and what rubs them up the wrong way? What really motivates you?
  • Managing Others – Using what you have learned about color preferences, identify how to communicate with others and get the best out of them.

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