Upping the Game: Elite’s Training Triumph at Aimbridge

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$4.8 Billion


Training requirements extended across various levels and fields, encompassing areas such as:

  • Effective communication
  • Change management
  • Resilience
  • Mental health first aid
  • IT proficiency
  • Project management.

It was crucial that these skills dovetailed with Aimbridge’s in-house leadership pathways, cultivating a leadership mindset throughout the organization.


Aimbridge’s enhanced performance and heightened employee engagement have yielded significant benefits:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Positive impact on the bottom line

Moreover, by fostering an environment of continuous learning, Aimbridge is well-equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the hospitality industry.

Inside Aimbridge Hospitality

Aimbridge Hospitality, based in Plano, Texas, is a leading multinational hospitality company. Founded in 2003, Aimbridge offers a wide range of hotel management services for franchised, branded, full-service, select-service resorts, convention centers, and lifestyle properties. As of 2023, Aimbridge’s portfolio includes 70 brands under management, with 1,218 properties managing 171,019 rooms.

Aimbridge’s growth trajectory has been marked by strategic acquisitions and a commitment to operational excellence. The company has made significant inroads into international markets, expanding its footprint to over 20 countries. Moreover, Aimbridge maintains a robust internal leadership pathway, which emphasizes the continuous professional development of its team.

Taking a Closer Look: The Training Needs Assessment

As Aimbridge Hospitality’s operations have expanded and diversified, so have the skills and capabilities required to manage this increased complexity. With a portfolio encompassing various hotel brands and a workforce distributed across numerous geographical locations, it became evident that a strategic focus on capacity building was crucial for sustained success.

Training needs spanned across different levels and domains, including but not limited to, effective communication, change management, resilience, mental health first aid, IT competency, and project management. Furthermore, it was essential for these skills to align with Aimbridge’s internal leadership pathways, fostering a culture of leadership at every level of the organization.

Also, with the rapid digitalization of workplace environments, there was a growing need for employees to adapt and become proficient with digital tools, like Microsoft Office 365.

A Fresh Perspective: Elite’s Role in Addressing Needs

Identifying these varied needs, Aimbridge partnered with Elite to develop and deliver a comprehensive training program that would effectively address these gaps. Elite’s deep understanding of diverse client requirements and ability to customize solutions made it the perfect fit for this initiative.

The programs delivered ranged from building resilience and facilitating critical conversations and feedback, to practical IT training such as Microsoft Office 365, and Articulate 360. Further, Elite provided industry-standard project management training, which enhanced the efficiency and execution of Aimbridge’s projects.

Bespoke soft skills training was another crucial program component, designed to align with Aimbridge’s internal leadership pathways. This aspect of the training aimed to foster the growth of interpersonal skills, crucial for leadership roles, thereby preparing Aimbridge’s workforce to navigate the dynamic and challenging landscape of the hospitality industry.

Throughout the process, Elite Training showcased its ability to deliver high-quality, customized training solutions, which have significantly contributed to elevating the professional competency levels within Aimbridge. This partnership has equipped Aimbridge’s team with the necessary tools and skills to navigate an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Bringing Learning to Life: Rolling Out Our Training Programs

Critical Conversations and Providing Feedback Training

Needs Addressed

In a diverse and vast organization like Aimbridge, effective communication, particularly regarding critical conversations and feedback, is paramount. The ability to engage in meaningful, constructive dialogue was identified as a critical skill gap.

Training Approach

Elite Training developed a comprehensive training module emphasizing the value of open and honest communication. The program taught methods for effectively delivering feedback, managing conflicts, and having meaningful critical conversations that can lead to positive outcomes.

Outcomes and Impact

The training has led to noticeable improvements in the communication culture within Aimbridge. Teams report feeling more comfortable and equipped to engage in constructive dialogues, leading to increased collaboration and reduced conflicts.

Change Management Training

Needs Addressed

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry landscape, the ability to navigate and lead through change is a crucial competence.

Training Approach

Elite crafted a change management training module that equips Aimbridge’s leaders with the necessary tools to effectively guide their teams through organizational changes.

Outcomes and Impact

The training has resulted in better-managed transitions, reduced resistance to change, and improved team morale during periods of organizational shifts.

Building Resilience Training

Needs Addressed

Given the demanding and high-stakes hospitality industry environment, resilience was identified as a critical trait for the Aimbridge team.

Training Approach

The resilience training program focused on helping individuals cope with stress and adversity. Techniques taught included stress management, positive thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Outcomes and Impact

Increased resilience among staff has contributed to better job satisfaction, reduced burnout, and an overall positive work environment.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Needs Addressed

Recognizing the importance of mental health in the workplace, Aimbridge identified the need to equip its employees with the knowledge to provide initial help to someone who may be developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Training Approach

Elite Training delivered a Mental Health First Aid training program that gave participants the skills to recognize signs of mental health issues and understand the appropriate actions to take.

Outcomes and Impact

The training resulted in a more empathetic and understanding workplace environment, with employees feeling more supported and understood.

Microsoft Office 365 Training

Needs Addressed

As digitalization takes hold in the workplace, proficiency in tools like Microsoft Office 365 is crucial.

Training Approach

Elite offered a comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 training program, equipping the Aimbridge team with practical skills in utilizing the platform.

Outcomes and Impact

The result was a significant increase in efficiency, with staff effectively utilizing the available tools.

Bespoke Soft Skills Training

Needs Addressed

To align with Aimbridge’s internal leadership pathways, a need for bespoke soft skills training was identified.

Training Approach

Elite Training developed a customized training program to help develop essential soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership.

Outcomes and Impact

The bespoke training led to the development of well-rounded leaders, prepared to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry head-on. The outcome has been improved leadership capabilities, fostering a culture of leadership within Aimbridge.

Unleashing Change at Aimbridge

Performance Improvement

The diverse and targeted training programs delivered by Elite have significantly impacted Aimbridge’s employees’ overall performance. Managers have reported improved team dynamics and communication. With the knowledge from the Project Management training, project teams have demonstrated enhanced capabilities, leading to better project outcomes and increased efficiency. Similarly, the proficiency gained from the Microsoft Office 365 training has led to noticeable improvements in day-to-day operations.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Focusing on personal development and well-being through the resilience and mental health first aid training programs has made employees feel valued and cared for, leading to increased engagement. Furthermore, the bespoke soft skills training has provided a clear pathway for leadership development, leading to higher job satisfaction among employees aspiring to leadership roles.

Business Outcomes

Ultimately, the improved performance and higher employee engagement have translated into positive business outcomes for Aimbridge. They’ve experienced increased efficiency and decreased employee turnover, directly impacting the bottom line. Additionally, by fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, Aimbridge is better positioned to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the hospitality industry.

Our Journey with Aimbridge: The Takeaways

Elite’s wide-ranging and bespoke training initiatives have profoundly impacted Aimbridge. From enhancing technical proficiencies to promoting mental wellness, each program delivered concrete benefits, driving overall organizational performance and promoting an atmosphere of continuous improvement. Their personalized approach to training addressed Aimbridge’s immediate needs and focused on longer-term strategic goals, showing a commitment to holistic organizational development.

The Training Roadmap: What’s on the Horizon?

With the success of the current training initiatives, Elite Training plans to continue its partnership with Aimbridge. Future objectives include ongoing training to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements, and a further focus on leadership and soft skills development. The aim is to foster an even stronger learning and adaptability culture at Aimbridge, enabling the organization to maintain its leadership position in the dynamic and competitive hospitality industry. The enduring collaboration between Elite and Aimbridge stands as a testament to the transformative power of well-executed corporate training programs.

Suggestions and Lessons for the Hospitality Industry

With their tailored solutions and innovative approaches, Elite Training and Consultancy have made an indelible mark in Aimbridge’s training landscape. Their track record of over two years, marked by the delivery of business and leadership skills courses for Aimbridge’s “Aspire Leadership Pathway,” testifies to their commitment and prowess.

Andrew Cunningham, Head of Learning and Development at Aimbridge, reflects on the value brought by Elite: “Their support has been exceptional, right from program development through to outcomes evaluation. They’ve managed to deliver highly interactive sessions across varied cultures and contexts. Elite’s team comprises highly knowledgeable experts with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They provide insightful advice, practical strategies, and the ability to offer cutting-edge solutions that can help businesses and organizations of all sizes thrive.”

Setting the Trend: Elite’s Mark on the Industry

Andrew notes, “Elite’s dedication to staying updated with the latest trends in their field has resulted in them providing innovative solutions that help Aimbridge stay ahead of the competition.”

He continues, “Their dedication to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction is truly exceptional,” this reflects the sentiment of many who have experienced Elite’s services. His experience stands as a beacon to other organizations in the hospitality industry seeking to enhance their skills or improve their business operations.

On the Horizon: Elite’s Promise

The experience of Aimbridge signals that Elite Training and Consultancy is well-positioned to deliver excellence in any setting. With their commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet specific needs, they remain a go-to option for anyone looking to enhance their skills or improve their business operations.

As Andrew concludes: “I highly recommend Elite Training. I am confident that anyone who works with them will be pleased with the results.” His words encapsulate Elite’s offerings’ potent impact and potential to transform the hospitality industry’s training landscape.

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