Negotiation Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Delivery methods:   Classroom, Virtual Learning, Onsite Event
Price per delegate: $425.00
Trained over 60000 delegates
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Course Description

This workshop is intended to develop the skills and confidence of those people whose responsibilities will require them to be effective negotiators, whether their bargaining relationships are formal or informal.



Delivery Method

Instructor-led, group-paced.

Performance-Based Objectives

By the end of today, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify circumstances in which negotiation as opposed to consultation is the appropriate decision-making process
  • Develop a systematic approach to planning and preparation
  • Explain how to pitch an opening position
  • Recognise the transition from argument to bargaining
  • Demonstrate how to make offers and concessions without appearing weak
  • Identify techniques for handling aggression
  • Recognise how to avoid conflicting interpretations of agreement

Course Content

  • Domestics, welcome, introductions and icebreaker
  • The ten stages of negotiation: the decision-making process and types of behaviour
  • Preparation, opening position and argument
  • Signalling, proposing and bargaining
  • Adjournments, clarifying, presentation and packaging
  • Closing and agreement
  • Review and evaluation

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