Fundamentals of UNIX Administration

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Course Description
The Fundamentals of UNIX Administration course is training for UNIX users who desire to increase their skill set to include basic UNIX System V Release 4 Operating System-based system administration and/or work effectively in a multi-vendor UNIX local or networked environment. It is not a vendor-specific course, but is based on the most popular of the UNIX variants, Solaris by Sun Microsystems.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you have at least six months experience on a UNIX variant operating environment or first take the following course:
Fundamentals of Solaris 8 Operating Environment :

Performance-Based Objectives
Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Customize the Korn Shell environment.
Build shell scripts in the Korn shell.
Control the UNIX system.
Manage UNIX user accounts.
Manage system software in UNIX.
Manage file systems in UNIX.
Troubleshoot the UNIX system.
Configure the UNIX client/server environment.
Apply security practices to UNIX systems.
Improve the UNIX system performance.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Customizing the Korn Shell Environment
          Topic 1A: Locating the Korn Shell Initialization File
                   Task 1A-1: Using UNIX Command Syntax
                   Task 1A-2: Locate the Korn Shell Initialization File
          Topic 1B: Using the vi Editor
                   Task 1B-1: Using the vi Editor
          Topic 1C: Modifying the Korn Shell .profile File
                   Task 1C-1: Modifying the Korn Shell with the .profile File
          Topic 1D: Modifying the Korn Shell .kshrc File
                   Task 1D-1: Modify the Korn Shell using the .kshrc File
Lesson 2: Building Shell Scripts in the Korn Shell
          Topic 2A: Defining Shell Scripting Concepts
                   Task 2A-1: Defining Shell Scripting Concepts
          Topic 2B: Using if Statements to Execute Commands
                   Task 2B-1: Using if Statement in a Shell Script
          Topic 2C: Creating a Loop to Execute Commands
                   Task 2C-1: Creating a for Loop
          Topic 2D: Using the sleep Command in the Korn Shell Script
                   Task 2D-1: Using the sleep Command in the Korn Shell Script
          Topic 2E: Combining Statements to Create a Basic ShellScript
                   Task 2E-1: Combining Statements to Create a Shell Script
          Topic 2F: Using the tr Command to Translate Letters
                   Task 2F-1: Using tr Command to Translate Letters
          Topic 2G: Using the case Statement
                   Task 2G-1: Using the Case Statement
          Topic 2H: Creating a Custom Function
                   Task 2H-1: Creating a Custom Function
          Topic 2I: Using the sed and awk Commands
                   Task 2I-1: Creating a Report with awk
Lesson 3: Controlling the UNIX System
          Topic 3A: Becoming the Root User
                   Task 3A-1: Becoming the Root User
          Topic 3B: Signaling a Process
                   Task 3B-1: Signaling a Process to Start
          Topic 3C: Controlling Multiple Processes
                   Task 3C-1: Running Multiple Processes
          Topic 3D: Relocating Files and Directories
                   Task 3D-1: Relocating a Directory
          Topic 3E: Archiving Files and Directories
                   Task 3E-1: Archiving Files with the tar Command
          Topic 3F: Restoring Files and Directories
                   Task 3F-1: Extracting an Archived File
Lesson 4: Managing User Accounts
          Topic 4A: Creating User Accounts
                   Task 4A-1: Creating a User Account
          Topic 4B: Modifying User Account Database
                   Task 4B-1: Modifying User Account Database
          Topic 4C: Deleting User Accounts
                   Task 4C-1: Deleting User Accounts
          Topic 4D: Customizing Initialization Files
                   Task 4D-1: Customizing the Korn Shell Initialization File
          Topic 4E: Controlling User Directory Space Usage
                   Task 4E-1: Establishing a Directory Space Quota
          Topic 4F: Adding Group Account with Groupadd Command
                   Task 4F-1: Adding a Group Account with Groupadd Command
Lesson 5: Managing System Software
          Topic 5A: Adding Software Packages
                   Task 5A-1: Adding the a2ps Software Package
          Topic 5B: Determining Software Package Status
                   Task 5B-1: Determining SUNWns6 Software Package Status
          Topic 5C: Removing Software Packages
                   Task 5C-1: Removing Software Packages
          Topic 5D: Administering Software Patches to Software Packages
                   Task 5D-1: Locating Software Patches
                   Task 5D-2: Adding a Software Patch
                   Task 5D-3: Removing a Software Patch
          Topic 5E: Upgrading Software Packages at the Command Line
                   Task 5E-1: Upgrading the proftpd Software Package from the CommandLine
                   Task 5E-2: Upgrading Software Packages from a GUI
Lesson 6: Managing File Systems
          Topic 6A: Creating a File System
                   Task 6A-1: Creating a File System with newfs
          Topic 6B: Backing Up the File System
                   Task 6B-1: Scheduling a File System Backup
          Topic 6C: Restoring Data
                   Task 6C-1: Restoring Data
          Topic 6D: Recovering Data
                   Task 6D-1: Recovering Data
          Topic 6E: Creating a File System Backup Strategy
                   Task 6E-1: Creating a File System Backup Strategy
Lesson 7: Troubleshooting the System
          Topic 7A: Using the System Logs to Investigate Problems
                   Task 7A-1: Using the System Logs to Investigate Problems
          Topic 7B: Using Error Messages to Identify When ErrorsOccur
                   Task 7B-1: Using Error Messages to Identify When Errors Occur
          Topic 7C: Setting Up the Log Configuration Files
                   Task 7C-1: Setting Up a Log Configuration File
          Topic 7D: Running a System Check
                   Task 7D-1: Running a System Check
Lesson 8: Configuring the Client/Server Environment
          Topic 8A: Configuring a TCP/IP Client
                   Task 8A-1: Configuring the TCP/IP Client
          Topic 8B: Editing the Name Service Switch (NSS) File
                   Task 8B-1: Editing the NSS File to Use DNS First
          Topic 8C: Configuring Network File Systems (NFS)
                   Task 8C-1: Configuring NFS to Share
          Topic 8D: Connecting to a Remote Host
                   Task 8D-1: Connecting to a Remote Host
          Topic 8E: Copying Files Using Remote System Administration
                   Task 8E-1: Copying Files Using Remote System Administration
          Topic 8F: Troubleshooting Connectivity Failures
                   Task 8F-1: Troubleshooting Connectivity Failures
Lesson 9: Applying Security Practices to UNIX Systems
          Topic 9A: Authenticating and Authorizing Users for RestrictedShells
                   Task 9A-1: Authenticating and Authorizing Users for Restricted Shells
          Topic 9B: Defining Trusted User Access
                   Task 9B-1: Defining Trusted User Access
          Topic 9C: Defining Trusted Host Access
                   Task 9C-1: Defining Trusted Host Access
          Topic 9D: Selecting a Firewall Architecture Model
                   Task 9D-1: Analyzing the Need for a Firewall
                   Task 9D-2: Identifying Firewall Architecture Models
Lesson 10: Improving System Performance
          Topic 10A: Applying Performance Improvement Process toSystem Administration
                   Task 10A-1: Applying Performance Improvement Process to System Administration
          Topic 10B: Identifying System Performance Degradation
                   Task 10B-1: Identifying System Performance Degradations
          Topic 10C: Optimizing System Performance
                   Task 10C-1: Optimizing System Performance
          Topic 10D: Optimizing Disk Space
                   Task 10D-1: Optimizing Disk Space
          Topic 10E: Monitoring Network Performance
                   Task 10E-1: Monitoring Network Performance
Appendix A: Linux Process for Lesson 5: Managing System Software
    Adding Software Packages
    Determining Software Package Status
    Removing Software Packages
    Upgrading Software Packages from the Command Line

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